Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey this is supposed to be an Aviation Column. 
However so many of my friends, including myself, are tired of getting ripped off by retail concerns. There are some really good people to do business with such as Costco, Discount Tire, Amazon and many more. Then there are some really lousy skunks out there to do business with, and my friends needed help obtaining recourse. Having heard Court cases on all levels for 20 years I decided to list below some hints and a couple of personal actions I just resolved and how.
1: Get an American Express card and charge anything major you buy. Recourse with AMEX is usually a great experience. I have used it against Best Buy, 3 Day Blinds and others to charge back fraudulent charges. In addition AMEX doubles the warranty on purchases.
Just this month I have reversed charges against 3 Day Blinds for over $500. You need to have good documentation such as when you talked to someone with the company, who you talked with and what the results were.
There are all kinds of AMEX cards. Just get one without a fee.
2: There are many Government resources that won’t cost you anything, and you can probably file online in 15 minutes. Remember do not get emotional. Just submit the facts, date, time, who you talked to to resolve the problem and the results or lack thereof.
A: If it is an Intrastate problem file with your States Attorney’s General Office. 
I also did this with 3 Day Blinds as I could never get a response from them after talking to them, and they never got back to me.
B: If it’s an Interstate problem file with the US Attorney’s Office. With 3 Day Blinds I filed with both.
When 3 Day Blinds were served with paperwork from both institutions, they called me immediately to work out a solution. They were at my mercy. I got everything I asked for.
Another example was a problem with Norelco Razors (Phillips) not honoring a warranty on a razor purchased from Costco. In my phone conversation with them in January they said they would not honor the rebate as I purchased the razor on sale at Costco.
I filed a price fixing complaint with the US Attorney’s office and really forgot about it. I did return my razor to Costco and received a AMEX credit which I used to buy a Braun razor.
Yesterday I received a check from Phillips with an apology letter for not paying the rebate. I figure they now paid towards a Braun razor.
What these companies don’t understand is that we will go out of our way to disparage them any chance we get.
3: Small Claims Court
Small Claims Court will cover anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on where you live. I don’t recommend Small Claims against another individual as it is hard to collect your money after a verdict. If you are dealing with a Company go for it. 
4: TV Stations
Most TV stations have a Consumer Reporter. Businesses do not wish to have bad publicity on TV.
The easiest avenues are to let someone else do the work for you. I would put Small Claims in last place.
Hope this helps.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What the Heck is UP With WingXPro's Quality!

For the last two years I have been writing how great WingXPro is, and that there is still not another aviation app on the IPad to compare with it. Their features are outstanding.
But if WingX is not reliable it’s not worth having. This is why ForeFlight is the best selling app for aviation. It might not have the best features, but it is extremely reliable. This is why all the aviation departments I know have ForeFlight and won’t buy WingX.
When the IPad 3 came out WingX did not work properly for a month. The charts were totally messed up with fixes five miles away from where they should be. WingX gave everyone another year free subscription for their problems. Now the weather database will not download. No matter what I try, the weather database says invalid and will not download. This means I have no TFR’s and data for airports I’m departing from and arriving at. Weather briefing and graphic weather works but without the above I will have to do a weather briefing on my computer software to be complete.
I love WingX but it’s getting to the point where I can’t depend on it. WingX is going to have to do a much better job or they are going to loose customers in droves. In addition how can one recommend a product to other pilots if it is not reliable!