Thursday, June 30, 2011


General Aviation is being slammed from all sides of the Federal Government.

1: The FCC granted LightSquare a spectrum on the airwaves next to the GPS band. In tests this has caused major disruption to GPS signals up to complete GPS signal loss. This is the first time I can remember the military supporting GA on an issue. With the might of the Military involved I see zero opportunity for LightSquare cell system to be approved. The FCC Chairman and any other government employee involved with the LightSquare approval should be fired immediately.

2: Today the Feds announced they want to do away with accelerated appreciation for Airplanes. General Aviation airplanes add 150 billion dollars to our economy. I thought the government wants to increase employment. To remove accelerated depreciation will result in job losses, read more unemployed, and hurt an industry that is important to the economy. Just weeks ago Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation, stated that the Obama administration would support continuation of the accelerated depreciation for aircraft. President Obama seems to despise the Aviation industry. He forgets he campaigned in a GA airplane.

3: Ray LaHood, the DOT and FAA have decided to end the BARR program. This program allows airplane owners to block flight information on the flight tracker programs on the internet. I know that I don't want it public information when I travel. Thieves are smarter than the regular person. If they see someone is out of town, it is an opportunity to rob their house. No other mode of travel is public information, not even the airlines.
I am proud to be involved in the lawsuit that is being filed tomorrow in Washington, DC. This lawsuit is being filed by AOPA and NBAA to allow the BARR program to continue. I will keep you up to date on court proceedings.

I have never seen an industry in such peril brought on by the Federal Government...Atlas Shrugged all over again.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Davis Monthan Airforce Base Boneyard
NASA Lockheed Martin Space Capsule
Lockheed Electra
Beech 18
Grumman Widgeon
SR71 Blackbird
Corsair F4U that my Father In Law flew in Korea
B24 Bomber
F4 from my era of flying

On June 15, the AZBAA members from Phoenix took a bus bus trip and fly in to the Davis Monthan Airforce Base Boneyard and Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ. We had 2 great docents that could supply the history of every airplane on the premises. The pictures above are just a sample of what we saw.

We were fortunate that the new NASA orbital space capsule was making its way east and stopped in Tucson for the day. I was very disappointed in the technology. It seems we are going backwards in time. The capsule holds 4, is not reusable and can only land on water. Sound familiar?

A meeting was held at lunch for the 50 in attendance and a good time had by all.