Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The FAA has new airliner flight plans that cover Southern California.  Recently there have been numerous noise complaints from La Jolla down the coast to Point Loma in San Diego. The FAA in its infinite wisdom blames all the increased noise on flights at Montgomery Field (MYF) in San Diego. In public meetings the FAA states that all increase in airplane noise is from MYF due to winds and atmospheric conditions. This is the FAA presenting alternative facts better known as lies.

I have flown in and out of MYF over 100 times. There is a Class Bravo over the top of MYF. One can fly in from the south through the Bravo, VFR over Gillespie Field (SEE) VFR or in from the ocean. There are ocean corridors substantially off shore for sight seeing and banner towing. Nothing has changed with respect to GA.

The FAA is full of manure to suggest noise increases are originating from MYF.  With the FAA caving on the closure of SantaMonica (SMO), there is now a precedence for the closure of airports if the community places enough pressure on the City Council. Facts do not matter as in the SMO case.

If the community is not properly educated, they believe what they hear from the FAA and would put closure pressure on MYF. The public has to be told the truth. I have not seen a response from AOPA on this issue and am sending this column to them.

We can not stand to sit back and allow the FAA to spread its lies knowing they will not support General Aviation Airports. Hopefully the residents in this area are smart enough to know they are being snowed by the FAA. It is my hope that AOPA will be at the next public meeting to debunk the lies of the FAA. I for one do not want to loose any more GA airports.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


I was a guest today on the Airplane Owners Podcast with host David Fill. Discussing all things aviation.

You can download this podcast on iTunes episode 54.